About Simon

Simon Wiscombe is a conceptual designer who focuses on playful and innovative experiences. He has consulted and produced work for a wide variety of institutions and companies, including BMW/Mini, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, University of California Los Angeles, Boeing, and Drag City. He has worked as a designer and researcher in USC’s Game Innovation Lab and



Manipulator is a web-based interactive music video made for Ty Segall’s song, Manipulator, the title track for his 2014 album, Manipulator. Using HTML5 + javascript, the “music video”, in the theme of the song, allows the user/player to manipulate the objects in the scene by clicking on them. Collaboration with Matt Yoka and premiered by the NY Times’s

Experience Design

No Hashtag, No Reply

No Hashtag, No Reply is a simple project that, using keywords, searches twitter for tweets that contain no hashtags,


MatchMaker: PTTOW! Conference Game

A digitally-enhanced card game concept, MatchMaker is a game about finding others who share common interests, backgrounds, and goals. By doing so, users will unlock special experiences and artifacts to further enhance their interconnectivity. The proposed tech was to embed RFID tags within cards and read them through a custom app built within networked Android tablets. The

Client Work


ChronoCards are two card games in one box, both of which are about the causes of WWI. It was a project completed in the Game Innovation Lab at USC, funded initially by Microsoft Research. The game series was launched on the 100th year anniversary of the declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary (July 28, 2014).


Rasputin Consulting Agency

Rasputin Consulting Agency is an interactive installation that imagines a near future in which a modern and sleek


Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium is a card-based collaborative writing game co-designed with Sarah Brin and Jeff Watson.


(a game for) Two

www.agamefortwo.com (a game for) Two is a game that abstracts how two people form a partnership / friendship / relationship, and reconstructs it into a play experience. Two players, shipwrecked on an island, must make their way through mountains, along a cliff face, and through an abandoned village to the opposite side, where a boat


Reality Ends Here

reality.usc.edu Reality Ends Here is a collaborative project game based around cards. It was designed for all incoming undergraduate students in the USC School of Cinematic Arts as a method of getting to know each other, collaborating on projects, and getting to know both the school and the faculty within it. It’s evolved to a


Hey, Have You Seen This Thing from the Internet?

“Hey, Have You Seen This Thing from the Internet?” was an installation made for USC’s School of Cinematic



Peep, a collaborative project put together by a number of fellow cinema colleagues, was shown during Newtown’s Hugely Tiny


BMW-MINI Ambient Storytelling

BMW wanted, using all the ambient data they’re constantly collecting within their cars, to develop a lifelog-type experience to help enhance the driver experience. Thus, we developed the Ambient Storytelling for Vehicle-Driven Interaction project. BMW was very interested in prototyping a project in actual cars under the MINI platform, hooking into the playful nature of MINI drivers

Experience Design


FutureBound is targeted toward middle school students who have the desire to go to college but may not have any sort of guidance or mental image on how their current ambitions connect to college as a whole. It is part of a larger suite of games aimed at middle and high schoolers to increase college literacy


Three Generations

Three Generations is a board game about the Californian Eugenics movement of the early 1900s. It aims to deliver not only the experiences of those subjected to forced sterilizations, but the situations around which such a movement could have occurred. It uses play systems to deliver the emotional experiences of the victims of such social injustices in



Roulette is a simple, one button game about Russian Roulette. The project itself was originally imagined by Peter