The Extra Hour @ Design Miami/ 2016

The Extra Hour is an installation that was made by myself and a small team at LEGO’s Creative Play Lab in collaboration with Audi for their booth at Design Miami/ 2016. I was creative lead for this project, guiding it through initial concept design to execution and installation on-site. Select Coverage Design Miami/ 2o16 Audi Official



Manipulator is a web-based interactive music video made for Ty Segall’s song, Manipulator, the title track for his 2014 album, Manipulator. Using HTML5 + javascript, the “music video”, in the theme of the song, allows the user/player to manipulate the objects in the scene by clicking on them. Collaboration with Matt Yoka and premiered by the NY Times’s

Experience Design


ChronoCards are two card games in one box, both of which are about the causes of WWI. It was a project completed in the Game Innovation Lab at USC, funded initially by Microsoft Research. The game series was launched on the 100th year anniversary of the declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary (July 28, 2014).


Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium is a card-based collaborative writing game co-designed with Sarah Brin and Jeff Watson.