Reality Ends Here

Reality Ends Here is a collaborative project game based around cards. It was designed for all incoming undergraduate students in the USC School of Cinematic Arts as a method of getting to know each other, collaborating on projects, and getting to know both the school and the faculty within it. It’s evolved to a state much more than this. Underneath the various layers of the game are also puzzles, ARG-elements, hidden rewards, and a website that drives both cooperation and competition.

On the website, the players can look up cards, be involved in a community discussion space, vote, see leaderboards, and a number of other items that are meant to foster a creative community and are thus, walled off to those not involved.

The first season concluded in December 2011, after USC’s Fall Semester closed. We had approximately 120 projects created over the course of 15 weeks. The current plan is to continue the game into the future as part of a greater push to reinvent the idea and attitude of the film school, and has been played every year since its introduction


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