game design


ChronoCards are two card games in one box, both of which are about the causes of WWI. It was a project completed in the Game Innovation Lab at USC, funded initially by Microsoft Research. The game series was launched on the 100th year anniversary of the declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary (July 28, 2014). It was released in two versions, a free and downloadable PDF version (primarily for educators) and a print-on-demand version.


(a game for) Two

(a game for) Two is a game that abstracts how two people form a partnership / friendship / relationship, and reconstructs it into a play experience. Two players, shipwrecked on an island, must make their way through mountains, along a cliff face, and through an abandoned village to the opposite side, where a boat is waiting to take them home. The path is gated with a series of trials that aims to test the ability and willingness of the players to trust and communicate with one another.

The goal of play is to attempt to create a meaningful digital interaction between two people that progresses in a constructive manner as the game unfolds. Each of these trials are meant to establish and build upon the various methods in which people form trust and bonds: communication, recognition, teamwork, etc. They are designed to necessitate conversation and co-reliance, which, ideally, creates familiarity and partnership between the two players.

This game is my thesis created for completion of my MFA in Interactive Media at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.



FutureBound is targeted toward middle school students who have the desire to go to college but may not have any sort of guidance or mental image on how their current ambitions connect to college as a whole. It is part of a larger suite of games aimed at middle and high schoolers to increase college literacy in low-income family and households. I was on the project for a year, starting in August 2011 to August 2012, where I was a game designer and, later on in the project, I adopted the mantle of UI designer, programmer, level designer, and any other job or task that needed doing.

A standalone version of the game can be downloaded on the official website (scroll to FutureBound).

It was developed in C# Unity3D for distribution onto iOS and web, created within the Game Innovation Lab at USC.