(a game for) Two

(a game for) Two is a game that abstracts how two people form a partnership / friendship / relationship, and reconstructs it into a play experience. Two players, shipwrecked on an island, must make their way through mountains, along a cliff face, and through an abandoned village to the opposite side, where a boat is waiting to take them home. The path is gated with a series of trials that aims to test the ability and willingness of the players to trust and communicate with one another.

The goal of play is to attempt to create a meaningful digital interaction between two people that progresses in a constructive manner as the game unfolds. Each of these trials are meant to establish and build upon the various methods in which people form trust and bonds: communication, recognition, teamwork, etc. They are designed to necessitate conversation and co-reliance, which, ideally, creates familiarity and partnership between the two players.

This game is my thesis created for completion of my MFA in Interactive Media at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.