graphic design


ChronoCards are two card games in one box, both of which are about the causes of WWI. It was a project completed in the Game Innovation Lab at USC, funded initially by Microsoft Research. The game series was launched on the 100th year anniversary of the declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary (July 28, 2014). It was released in two versions, a free and downloadable PDF version (primarily for educators) and a print-on-demand version.


BMW-MINI Ambient Storytelling

BMW wanted, using all the ambient data they’re constantly collecting within their cars, to develop a lifelog-type experience to help enhance the driver experience. Thus, we developed the Ambient Storytelling for Vehicle-Driven Interaction project. BMW was very interested in prototyping a project in actual cars under the MINI platform, hooking into the playful nature of MINI drivers as a test bed for the actual implementation. The concept we pitched involved a lifelogging system: the car would remember the places you go and, should the driver/user desire, link it with personal information and data, such as photographs, tweets, or status updates. By attaching this to data from the car, we’d interweave the car’s experience with that of the people it shuttles around. We developed a book that pitched the idea, as well as publishing an academic paper with ideas and results.