The Extra Hour @ Design Miami/ 2016

The Extra Hour is an installation that was made by myself and a small team at LEGO’s Creative Play Lab in collaboration with Audi for their booth at Design Miami/ 2016. I was creative lead for this project, guiding it through initial concept design to execution and installation on-site.

Developed in a rapid way, we used a number of rapid prototyping tools available to visualize the design, from LEGO itself to 3D navigable spaces in Unity3D. We then oversaw the production and assembly on-site.

The installation was recognized by the iF World Design Guide with an iF Design Award for 2018.

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Peep, a collaborative project put together by a number of fellow cinema colleagues, was shown during Newtown’s Hugely Tiny Festival in 2012. A site-specific piece, Peep took place in a dressing room in which visitors could peer through keyholes into doors to see videos of peoples’ behavior while in the changing room. These behaviors reveals the intimacy of supposedly secluded spaces: some were comedic (i.e. shoplifting, singing) and some more serious in tone (i.e. dealing with weight issues). As the visitors moved along the hallway, each room more apparently addressed the idea of voyeurism, culminating in a dressing room containing a series of monitors displaying live feed of fellow visitors peering into the dressing rooms.